Hong Kong, Hari Ketiga

My friends went back the next day, going directly to office to work to face their Monday blues, while I took annual leave which actually days that were carry forward from 2012. That morning we had our breakfast in the room with leftover from last dinner.

That day, we went to the Peak. Many people said visit to Hong Kong is incomplete without getting the nice view of the city from there. That was one of the reasons why my friends rushed to the Peak the day before even they just got back from Macau. We took MTR to Central Station and exited J2 and had short walk to Peak Tram Lower Terminus. While getting there we met a Malaysian family from Johor. They were friendly and enjoyed having our company. The husband is a retiree and the wife is a homemaker, with them their teenage daughter. Since Johor is just next to Singapore, they took Tigerairways from there.


View from the tram – choose the right side for the view.

At the Lower Terminus, there was a small exhibit of the Tram depicting the history of the Tram. As we got into the Tram, all of us sat at the right side of the Tram, for the view of the city. The family went to Madame Tussauds, we went to the top of the the Peak – Sky Terrace 428. Initially the plan was to have lunch at Wan Chai Mosque Canteen but I suggested to my wife for our lunch at Bubba Gum restaurant, there was not many people, so we got good table with nice view of Victoria Harbor. We ended our visit there  by strolling around the complex before going down by Tram.  As we reached down, it was getting crowded at Lower Terminus. I was glad that we went there earlier.


Epworth lodge with beautiful roof top garden, the tram and Lion Pavilion.


Victoria Harbor – was cloudy that time.

We went for shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui area and had a rest at the hotel before going out again that night.

Within walking distance from Butterfly on Prat, we walked to Avenue of Star to watch the Symphony of Light and continued strolling the promenade trying to locate hand prints of our favorite Hong Kong artists. Hong Kong entertainment was famous in Malaysia in 80s and 90s but now K-Pop has overshadowed everything including Bollywood and J-Pop. K-Pop popularity among Malaysia youngsters is greater than Hollywood.  While locating the hand prints we could smell delicious grilled squid from stalls there. We wanted to try but we concerned whether the squid was marinated with non-halal ingredient.


People were waiting for the Symphony of Light.

We ended the night with shopping again around Tsim Sha Tsui area. We didn’t go to Ladies’ Market since we heard reviews that they were selling low quality goods from China.