Selingan: Nelayan di Terengganu


About 145km from Terengganu shore

This photo was taken in May 2009 somewhere in South East China Sea, about 145km from shore of Terengganu, Malaysia. I went there for some works.

That day, the sea was calm and there was barely wind. Maybe it was a good day for the fisherman. I admire the endurance, being away from the family, facing uncertainty of the weather, testing their luck to earn a living.


Pantai di Langkawi

We are blessed, Langkawi is our hometown and we routinely enjoying the beaches. Not all beautiful beaches are accessible to public; you have to pay to stay at the hotel that own the private beach. Some people said, beautiful beach just for the rich. There is one public beach that we love where we always go for picnicking and swimming, while my son having blast experimenting with sand. It is Pantai Pasir Tengkorak.


Usual view at Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, Langkawi.

Hati-hati! Biawak Melintas


Picture was taken at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia.

Monitor lizard quite common at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, as it was mining area and now become lakes.

I stayed at this place in 2009. It’s a good place for short weekend getaway to unwind from hectic life. There are several recreational activities available at the resort for family and definitely good for golfer.


This was used for mining.

Within that area, there is unfinished Kellie’s castle built by William Kellie Smith, a Scottish planter. For those passionate in architecture, this may be wonderful place to you. Because of the uniqueness of the castle, many newlyweds can be seen having photo session there. I had fun exploring the rooms at each floors, walking at the secret stairs and enjoying the view from the rooftop. It was amazing to see pieces of the castle that was brought from all over the world to this place, apparently in the middle of nowhere [it was 1915].  I was told he was planning to put an elevator for the tower; perhaps it could be the first elevator in Malaysia if it’s built. Another interesting to see nearby is a unique tree that has resemblance of bear face.

There is also a temple that was previously built for his labors. At the temple there is a small statue which I believe the statue of William Kellie Smith himself.


William Kellie Smith statue wearing brown pants and shirt.