Paris, Hari Kedua ke Keempat


Day 2, it was cloudy in the morning.

Day 2 and Day 3, our travel was by Paris L’Open Tour Bus. Pretty good, as the stops and routes covered most of major attractions. The bus also equipped with audio guide.

During the two days, there were two incidents we faced; kids begged for money. Once was at Eiffel Tower. A cute Romanian girl showed to us a paper and requested to write down name, country and donation amount for deaf people. Everything seemed suspicious; just to be safe, we politely declined and walked away. The girl gave a flying kiss to us. Later on we saw group of girls doing the same things to other tourists at Love-locks Bridge near the Lourve.

Another incident, while we were having lunch at McDonald near the Lourve. A boy came to our table and spoke in French. We don’t understand, we thought he was asking for direction and later on one of the staff brought the boy outside and he sat next to a man which we think is his father.

As shown in National Geographic Scam City Barcelona, we saw three to four groups along the street from Eiffel Tower to Bir Hakeim Metro station trying to scam tourist similar to this video.

The incidents aside, the days at Paris were marvelous. Every corner of the city was stunning.


Place de la Concorde with Obelisk, a gift from Egyptian in 1829.

We became interested to learn in detail about Queen Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France, after learning that she was guillotined at Place de la Concorde during French revolution. At home, Wifey and I watched full documentary that available at youtube here.

We enjoyed their macaroons. The shops we went were Piere Herme, 72, Rue Bonaparte and Ladurée, 75, Avenue des Champs Elysées. Seeing wifey in headscarf, the salesperson was courteous to inform us which macaroon with marshmallow (non-halal gelatin) and alcohol.


Eglise du Dome, view from the bus.



Teddy Bear Crossing.

It was short. Day 4, we left Paris for next destination. I regret for not visiting Palais de Versaille.


Leaving Paris by taxi, going to Gare du Nord. This is where Lady Diana and Dodi Fayed died in a car crash.