Dari Paris ke Amsterdam

From Paris we went to Amsterdam by Thalys, it was from Paris Nord to Amsterdam Centraal. By comparison, Thalys was more comfortable than Eurostar. From Centraal, we took taxi to our hotel. The taxi driver was friendly, knowing we are Muslim too he gave us biscuits to welcome us.

We stayed at Boutique Hotel Nottinghill. The staffs were wonderful and the location was great. Tram stop is just in front of the hotel and canal bus stop just next to the hotel. Within walking distance there is Albert Cuyp market. Halal food was available within walking distance but not many. Nearby the hotel, along Van Woustraat there were few. Few more eateries were available at Damrak.


Boutique Hotel Nottinghill taken from Tram Stop.


Our room – the room was spacious.


Local house at fishing village.


Clog maker shop.


View from Canal Bus.


Kingdom of Bicycle.


The cat sat next to us while we had our meal at Halal Pizzeria, Van Woustraat.

It was four days we were there. During that short time we took city bus tour, canal bus 1 day pass and countryside sightseeing tour to Volendam, Marken and Windmills. It was great that all the tour booking can be done at the hotel without any additional charge; you may also book online here. We also went to Artisan Zoo and flower market.

Our highlight was the countryside sightseeing, It is a must do. One of unforgettable moment was having fried fish sold at the stall at fishing village. The seller spoke in Malay to us and we were impressed.

On the last day, we took KLM and flew back to KLIA. That was our first time  seeing old ladies (very) working as stewardess, perhaps we are really used to Asian flights where all stewardess are model look-alike. The old ladies were attentive but not efficient.

Learned from the visit, I bought a book – The diary of young girl by Anne Frank, to get a glimpse of her experience, hiding from Nazi for 2 years at a secret Annexe of his father’s office. More story of this girl can be found here.