Tahun Baru di Saigon – Kalendar Lunar

During recent Lunar New Year (Tet), our friends went back to Malaysia. The local friends traveled to their hometown to be together with family. Public holidays was longer in Vietnam office (it was four days) and many took advantage to be somewhere else except us. I was on standby, just in case of emergency that would activate the emergency coordination center.

The roads were empty, many shops were closed and it was not good time for tourist to come, especially for Malaysians who came here to buy cheap baju kurung, telekung and tudung, unless the intention is to see Lunar New Year celebration in Saigon.


Unusual, empty road in Saigon.

We went to Nguyen Hue street and Cong Vien Tao Dan for the flower decorations. At Nguyen Hue street,  as every new year celebration, the street was opened for public, while visit to Cong Vien Tao Dan required an entrance fee of VND20K for adult which was about USD1 only.


Decoration at Nguyen Hue Street.


Decoration at Cong Vien Tao Dan.

Seeing so many flowers, wifey was thinking to buy Sunflowers, but the size was too big to bring it home. Nearby the flower shops, there was a motorbike selling fishes in plastic bags.  We wondered, could the fish survive the heat? It’s 31degC in Saigon! We bought a pair of goldfish for my son, leaving the rest in agony.


Aquarium fishes for sale.

Other than that we just stayed at home.


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