Hong Kong, Hari Keempat – Kepulangan

We did nothing much on the last day. We walked to Museum of Art to check out the souvenir shop. There were many antique oriental souvenir but I didn’t get any. The view from the mezzanine was beautiful so we took few snaps.


The view from Mezzanine level, Museum of Art.

Later on we went to Tsim Sha Tsui area again to get some souvenirs.

Check out was swift and taxi was readily available in front of the lobby. At the airport, We had our lunch at Popeye (with big Halal signage), which is at Departures Check-in Hall, Level 7. We continued shopping at Disneyland store and my wife bought some cosmetics. There are prayer rooms at the airport. The one we went is at Gate 42, Terminal 1.  Ablution can be performed inside the prayer room as there is cleaning basin.

We enjoyed shopping in Hong Kong. There were few incidents where we had to face rude people but in general Hong Kongers were courteous to us. When we used MRT, there will be somebody offering their seat to us – seeing me carrying my son. We also observed that most Hong Kongers were fashionable and their sense of style is to my liking.


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