Hong Kong, Hari Kedua – Seharian di Macau

It was hard to get halal breakfast  in the early of the morning. We had no option, my friends and us went to McDonald’s for fish burgers, fries and hash browns. From there we walked to China Ferry Terminal to get ferry ticket to Macau.

It was about 9am. At the ferry terminal counter, the earliest boat available was about 11.30am. Meanwhile there were men touting in front of the counter to those queuing including us, to buy ticket from them for 10am ferry. We were taking time to learn the situation since we were careful not to be cheated. We checked and asked every counter until the last one which actually the company where the men belong to. Their boat offered the 10am.

The women at the counter was rude talking in Cantonese, she spoke little English and forced us to buy the 10am ticket.  I began to ask questions to get confirmation on the time and destination of the ferry from and to Macau (I’m sure, it was polite) but she seemed irritated and instead of 10am she forced us to buy 11am ticket. One of my friend was about to burst, good that other friends helped to calm her down. One of the men who touted in front of the counter earlier talked to her in Cantonese and then she sold the 10am ticket with open ticket for return. Fortunately the rudeness ended there. The staff on the Turbojet ferry were polite and helpful. The seat was comfortable and spacious.

Once arrived, my family and I waited for others to disembark first. The moment we entered the terminal, my friends already got a tour guide. The man seemed joyous and can be trusted and we also need transportation to cover the major attractions within a day so I considered it was a good deal. By a van, the places we went were Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Macau Tower, A-ma Temple, Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral and finally we were dropped at Venetian Macau Hotel. At the Venetian two of my friends, my family and I tried the gondola. The gondolier sang several songs in Italy and he was good.  After strolling at Venetian, we followed my friends to Hard Rock Hotel to buy some souvenirs. As expected, there was no prayer room in Macau so we just prayed at the lobby of the hotel. We glad we went to Hard Rock Hotel since their free shuttle bus to ferry terminal was less crowded than Venetian shuttle bus. My friends and I agreed that it was fun visiting Macau and for them, they might come again and stay at the Hard Rock Hotel.


Macau Fisherman’s Wharf.


At Senado Square. We bought seafood sandwiches at Starbucks there.


St. Paul’s Ruin – having takeaway lunch there.


At the Venetian Macau Hotel.


Among area inside the Venetian.


We exited the Venetian from here and walked to Hard Rock Hotel.

As we arrived at Hong Kong that night, my friends went to the Peak since their flight to Saigon will be the next morning. My family and I went for unplanned shopping at the terminal before going to Istanbul Express at Tsim Sha Tsui. There was no empty table so we had a takeaway. Good thing about Istanbul Express, they clearly put halal signage and no alcohol drink is allowed/sold.

Sleep, that was we need after that day.


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