Bangkok, Hari Ketiga & Keempat

The sun shined bright again that day, we are blessed. After having breakfast prepared by my lovely wife, we head to Chatuchak Market. The market is easily accessible by MRT or by Sky Train. We went there by Sky Train to Mo Chit station and took Exit 1. It was not difficult to locate the market as the crowd was heading to the market too.

Since I’ve been to Siam market at the border of Malaysia at Padang Besar and Bukit Kayu Hitam, I thought the shopping experience was nothing different but I underestimated. There were much to see and there were several halal eateries – up-to-date clothes, beautiful accessories and marvelous food!  I got for myself several t-shirts; my wife bought some necklaces and cardigan; we got for our son lion and zebra shirts and pants with tail. And the price, it’s cheap. The excitement exploring the market made we forgot about the time. It was already afternoon, so we went back to hotel for prayer and rest.


Chocolate Banana at Chatuchak.


Coconut Ice-cream at Chatuchak.

Late afternoon, we went to Jim Thompson House. Using Sky Train, from the hotel we stopped at National Stadium station and took Exit 1. We managed get to the entrance at 4pm, before it closing time at 5pm.


Our tour guide at Jim Thompson.


Front of Jim Thompson House.

We were guided to explore the house by a lady, her English was fluent. She explained the architecture of the house, Jim Thompson’s collection and the mystery of his lost at Cameron Highland, Malaysia. Unfortunately, photograph is not allowed inside the house. This place is well persevered and indeed worthy to visit. We ended the visit there by having drinks at the restaurant, facing the beautiful koi pond.  That time, I felt like we were on honeymoon again. My son was sleeping, giving us chance for romantic moment.


At the restaurant, Jim Thompson. The same picture used for my gravatar.

It was almost dark, from Jim Thompson, we continued to Siam Paragon. We felt the mall was unique because we saw the second floor was selling luxurious and super car such as Lamborghini, Hummer, Maserati and Ferrari. Other than that it was normal to us. My wife didn’t feel to eat there so we went back to Terminal 21 and continued shopping. Indeed, Terminal 21 has become our favorite mall in Bangkok.  We shopped until the mall closing time and walked back to hotel.


Toilet at Tokyo Level, Terminal 21. Toilet at each level has unique design according to the level theme.


Tokyo Level at Terminal 21.


Shops part of the double-decker bus, London Level at Terminal 21.

The next day was our last day in Bangkok. Before checking out, we went again to Terminal 21. My son and I bought our favorite crispy seaweed at Taokaenoi Land.

Taxi to airport, flight check in, it was smooth. From DMK, we went back to SGN. I would came again to Bangkok, to shop.


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