Paris, Hari Pertama

It was late afternoon when we arrived at Paris Nord. Getting taxi was not difficult, many were available outside. I was assisted by two men to put our luggage inside the boot. One was the driver and another was a beggar which he demanded money from me. Other taxi drivers hold on him when he was about to get aggressive, anyhow I gave to him some coins.

The taxi driver was chatty. He told his great grandparents were Algerian and migrated to France because of war. While passing the buildings, he explained the beauty and history of the city. Indeed, Paris is beautiful! I envy the Parisian for their excellent town planning and detailing in architecture, to the point of making comparison how slow we (Malaysian) were in town planning.


The courtyard, view from our room.

We stayed at Citadines Apart’Hotel Tour Eiffel. Old but clean and spacious, the unit was a studio with a small kitchen. There was a laundry room available at basement. Our room was facing the green courtyard; it was silent even though the hotel is just in front of Metro station. Monoprix is just nearby for groceries.  The staff was good too.

We didn’t do much that day, just a night walk to Eiffel Tower.

Crappy photo of Eiffel Tower by phone cam.

Crappy photo of Eiffel Tower by my phone camera.

Day 2, to be continued.


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