London, Hari Kedua

Day 2, we went to Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, London Eye and Trafalgar square. The Oyster card that we purchased at airport when we arrived definitely made it easy to commute. The highlight of the day definitely was Buckingham Palace. As the Queen and the royalties were away for summer vacation in Scotland, the palace was opened to public for visit so we had chance to enter this grandiose palace. We love the given audio guide system which was extremely convenient for us to learn and explore the state rooms by our own pace. There was also royal collection exhibit that time – Diamonds, A jubilee celebration.  Ticket can be purchased online here.


Buckingham Palace.


Their pride. Malay States were under the sovereignty of the British Crown.

After visit to Buckingham Palace and lunch at Café Nouf, we walked to St. James Park. My son enjoyed running and chasing the pigeons. We had short rest there before continuing to London Eye.


The view at St. James Park’s Lake.

London Eye was great but the queue was long. Luckily my son was joyfully chatty that time, so listening to him made the time passed quicker.


The view from ovoidal capsule.

From London Eye we walked passed Downing Street to Trafalgar Square. At the square we saw a rally protesting against Assad to stop killing Syrian children.


The rally.

Knowing that there will be Notting hill carnival that night, for our own safety, we decided to stay and rest at the hotel. The next day, it was reported in the news – a man in critical condition after he was stabbed near the carnival.

Day 3, to be continued.


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