Da Lat, Tanah Tinggi di Vietnam

Cameron Highland (in Perak, Malaysia) is always in our heart. We were hoping to see something similar at Da Lat, Vietnam. Da Lat has not much similarity with Cameron Highland but its uniqueness made the trip worthy.

We went there in end of December 2011 by Vietnam Airlines. We stayed at Saigon Dalat hotel, which was wonderful. The room was spacious and cheap.

As usual, halal food was not available.

Below were the places we’ve visited.

DAY 1: Cho Dalat (Market) and Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Selling Ducks at Cho Da Lat.

Selling Ducks at Cho Da Lat.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda.

DAY 2: Datanla Falls, Truc Lam (with cable car), Bao Dai’s palace, Crazy House, Flowers Festival Exhibit

Crazy House.

Crazy House.

DAY 3: Cho Dalat and Flowers Festival Street Market

Of all the places, we enjoyed the Datanla Falls because of the manual roller coaster (there is brake). Sliding down to the fall was fun and exciting! From that fall, we took a cable car to get to another fall. Going up to the starting point, we used again the roller coaster. The falls was OK but the ride was fun.

View from our roller coaster.

View from our roller coaster at Datanla.

We were on the right time where there was Flowers Festival. The flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants were beautifully arranged in many creative ways.


Vegetables, the hut too made of vegetables.

At Flowers Festival.

Tulips at Flowers Festival.


2 thoughts on “Da Lat, Tanah Tinggi di Vietnam

  1. Hi, may i knw where do u find any halal shop in Dalat. I’m travel with my muslim friend. Abit hard to Looking with halal food here.

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